Here are some of the Boat Propeller Types available in the Market

It is through the action of the boat propellers that a boat will be pushed to move forward in the water. The boat propellers are typically consisting of two major components and these are the rotating shafts, parts that are so powered by the boat motors and the other part of the propellers are the blades which serve to make the boat grip into the water. In general sense, you will realize that most of the boat propellers will be classified according to the number and style of the blades used to make them, the pitch and diameter of the blades and the materials from which the blades and props are actually made from. See some of the types of the boat props you will find in the market.

One of the types of the boat propellers you will find available from the dealers are the three blade boat propellers. The three blade boat propeller is actually one of the most popular and commonly used of the boat propellers and they are a love for many due to the fact that they will allow you to achieve even higher speeds. This propeller has, as the name suggests, three blades curved ones which will be spiraling around a central device which is known as the hole shot, and it is this that does the connection of the propeller to the engine. It is the curves that serve the purpose of improving the boat’s traction, otherwise its bite in the water. As much as we reckon the fact that the three blade boat propellers will be as good at enabling you steer your boat at much greater speeds, there are other high performance vessels where the four blade props will be a far better type to help you achieve such high performances. Let us see some facts about the four blade boat propellers.

The fact about the four blade boat props is that they are so desired to be able to keep your boat on its plane even as you run the boat engine at low rotation per minute, RPMs. This is as such a reason which has made it a better alternative propellers as compared to the three blade propellers as it will allow you to keep your cruising and speeds steadily. This quality of the four blade boat propellers is as such the reason why it will be a popular option why you will find it a more common type of propeller for use with the trolling boats for fishing, a fishing method which will see you pulling your baits behind a moving boat. As well a four blade boat propeller will be a good alternative for you as they can be adjusted, increasing the height, an action which will effectively enable you increase the speed of the boat.

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